Matt Rainey Weddings

Matt Rainey Weddings


OMG! I'm freaking out!!! You have made my day, my week, my year!!!! Can you follow us around and photograph the rest of our lives??? I can't even handle it! We'll never be able to thank you enough, Matt.

-Jen and SteveM,

We can't thank you enough for capturing all the special moments of our wedding day. We were amazed that you could be in so many places at the same time. You worked so hard, never stopping and it showed in the amazing photographs we will cherish for a lifetime.

Thank you,

Jaimie & Garrett


What can I say?

Our pictures are simply amazing.

I have looked through them several times now, and each time I am even more thrilled

An eye for the right angle can be learned, but the ability to capture moments the way you do, is truly a gift.


Dear Matt,

Because of your reputation as a top photojournalist we had high expectations as to the photos you would take for Liz and Nick's wedding. I'm thrilled to say your work exceeded the expectations. We feel so lucky that you agreed to be our photographer. With all the things to worry about putting a wedding together, knowing we had you as a photographer was one less worry. After all, not everybody has a Pulitzer Prize winner shooting their daughter's big day! You managed to capture every moment and every emotion without ever being intrusive .

As a professional artist myself I was dazzled by the artistry of your shots. Thank you so much for giving Liz and Nick such a wonderful collection of memories!


Joan F

(an email from bride's mother to her daughter upon seeing photos online)


I was almost late for work this morning when I opened it.

What gorgeous pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have already marked half of them as "favorites."

I don't know how we will choose for albums.

I am now sending the website around the world.



Matt Rainey is one hell of a photographer. Don't take my word for it --

Google him, the man won a Pulitzer Prize. They don't give those out for

perfect attendance, folks. He's a photographer of remarkable

grace; the way his shots are framed and lit is always striking -- it's

something you don't have to be an expert in photography to see. He takes

pictures you want to keep looking at for a long time. And he's got an

uncanny ability to make his subjects look gorgeous.

I was thrilled to have Matt at our wedding. Working with him was a treat

-- it felt as though he was as excited about our big day as we were.

He came to our rehearsal to case the joint for the following

day, and stayed in constant communication with us.

On the day of our wedding, truth be told, I barely remember seeing

Matt. Like all good photojournalists, he becomes almost invisible when

he's in the zone. But I know he was there -- it seems like he was

everywhere. The photos Matt took of our wedding include pictures of all

our family, every minute of the ceremony and reception, every dance and

every toast. There are formal shots in there too, but the images I

treasure most are quiet little moments -- my new sister-in-law dancing

with her tiny son, our ring bearer; or my mom and dad exchanging a quick

glance. That moment probably lasted mere seconds; heaven knows I didn't

see it then. But thanks to Matt, I can see it now.

Mrs. Andrew G

Thank you so much for being our photographer ! We will cherish these pictures forever !

Jodi & Cole M